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For those of you who have no idea what Firefox is, please humor me and listen up. Firefox is the latest and greatest [sildenafil citrate tablets] web browser out there right now that completely blows away Internet Explorer. It is faster and far more secure, and most importantly, is not vulnerable to spyware. Sildenafil citrate tablets why am i posting this sales pitch? because chances are, if you are looking at my website, i would be the one you'd call when your computer gets taken over by countless ads and viruses. As much as I'd love your business sildenafil citrate tablets (most likely with no money involved), take a step in the right direction and switch to Firefox. As for my fellow Mac users out there sildenafil citrate tablets, Safari isn't too bad, but you should give Firefox a try too; you'll never go back. Oh and by the way, this isn't a sales pitch at all, because Firefox is FREE! to get your copy!

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