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Ever since Apple started up the App Store, I've been dying to dig in to Objective-C and write an application for the iPhone (no, I don't own an iPhone yet).   I'm certainly not alone, as there are [provanol 80mg pills $84.00] now like 100, 000 apps available on the store.   I bought a , read through a lot of the , but finally something even better came along -- Stanford is posting the lectures and slides on iTunes U for .   While the lecturers are not the best speakers provanol 80mg pills $84.00, the content of the class is fantastic so far. Provanol 80mg pills $84.00   i've watched 4 episodes and have grasped more by watching those than all of the provanol 80mg pills $84.00 prior reading i have done. This isn't the first time I've "taken classes" while not actually in school.   If you're ever interested in taking a class on something that you didn't want to take a grade on in undergrad, check out iTunes U and . My first iPhone app will no doubt be very simple and probably not all that useful, but it'll be an accomplishment.

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