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I've decided that there is one thing in the workplace that I really can't stand. Meetings. I'm a big fan of the saying "None of us is as dumb as [levitra super active 20mg pills $282.00] all of us". I can't even count the number of hours of productivity lost at this place because of meetings, and there have been several occasions where I truly leave one feeling dumber. A typical meeting goes something like this:

-We all sit around and talk for awhile about the topic at hand.

-Someone goes on a long tangent about something totally irrelevant, we get off topic, and lose roughly 30 minutes.

-Everyone who feels they have something to contribute (or who like the sound of their own voice) gives their opinion. Levitra super active 20mg pills $282.00

-the person running the meeting fiddles with their excel spreadsheet or powerpoint to illustrate their fundamentally flawed logic.

-Nothing is ever unanimous in the group, so basically we're back to square one levitra super levitra super active 20mg pills $282.00 active 20mg pills $282.00, with a fun little addition -- bitterness between people.

-We'll use the totally abused "Moving forward. . . " statement to act like something is actually going to change.

-We return to our desks with no official decision made.

A bit jaded? Maybe. . .

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