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Glucophage 1000mg pills $205.00 last weekend i had the pleasure of being around for my last halloween in isla vista, although i can't say i'm too sad that i won't be here for the next. Basically the premise of Halloween here is getting completely wasted, throwing on a "costume" (I'll get back to that), then going out and walking the street, looking at all the other people's "costumes" and trying to get into parties to get even more wasted. In Isla Vista, a costume does not mean dressing up glucophage 1000mg pills $205.00 as your favorite Star Wars character (although I did see Yoda carrying two 30-packs of Bud Light down the street). For girls, it is the one night every year where they wear as [glucophage 1000mg pills $205.00] little as possible, and nobody has any problem with it. For guys, the goal is to come up with the most perverse thing wearable glucophage 1000mg pills $205.00, just use your imagination. That said, the enjoyment of Halloween from my perspective comes from the observation angle. Our little group dressed up as a soccer team and went around IV kicking a soccer ball around, basically just to people-watch. We even got to see a few arrests (nothing violent, don't worry -- just stupid people doing stupid things). Unfortunately, some genious decided that my car should only have three functional tires, so he stabbed one. Like I said, I'm really not too upset that it's my last year to witness the debauchery of Halloween in Isla Vista. If you haven't already done so, you can check out the pictures .

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