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As most of you have probably heard by now, Allison and I are now engaged. After dating for five amazing years, we're tying the knot. It's crazy, it's exciting, it's pretty much the coolest thing ever. I "popped the question" on Friday, March 10, 2006. You can look at of each part of the event , and you can head on over to for updates and info on everything regarding the wedding. For the complete details on the proposal (it's long so be prepared), go ahead and read more . . . The Preparation: Let me just start off by saying that although there isn't a big long list of events that occurred throughout the night, a massive amount of planning and a severe lack of sleep was required to make it all possible, all while being more nervous then ever before in my whole life. I had many chats with my roommates about what to do, and I decided to revolve everything around a fabulous restaurant in Santa Barbara called . The night before the big day, my roommates and I went to scope out locations to go get drinks before dinner, and also went to check out the scene at . The pick for drinks was a place called . It's just a nice, quiet place to go for cocktails and dinner in downtown Santa Barbara. Then, off to . The hostess was extremely accommodating, telling me that she would do anything in her power to make the night perfect. I looked over the menu and chose our salad and entrées (Caesar Salads for both of us, Blackened Ahi Tuna for Allison, and Mahi Mahi for me), and the guy who arranges the desserts came out and explained each dessert in detail; I went with the chocolate soufflé hands down. I asked for red wine recommendations based on our food, and we got to try three different wines. Cephalexin 500mg pills $267.00 of the options, the unanimous vote was for the . I preordered everything so there would be no ordering to do the next day. Everything is ready to go. Almost. On Friday morning, I had some errands to run. First cephalexin 500mg pills $267.00, I went downtown to buy myself a new shirt for the occasion. This is not something cephalexin 500mg pills $267.00 that I do well. I see a rack filled with clothes and I panic. Anyway, I grabbed a black shirt and went to try it on. If you've ever tried on a new dress shirt, you'll know that there are about 90 pins that you have to pull out before you try it on. All I could think was that this shirt had better fit--there's no way I'm pulling the pins on another shirt--and I better not get stabbed by a pin I missed. I think there should be a "Pin-Person" in the fitting rooms of department stores. I'm rambling. Then I went on to Trader Joe's in search of an abundance of colorful flowers. Jackpot. I got 5 bouquets: one for the table at and four for . . . well you'll see. I had two big helpers throughout the day, . When I got home I handed the flowers and some other goodies off to them, so they could bring them to before we got there. The Proposal: Here we go. Allison showed up at the door at around 2:30pm, just about 2 hours before we needed to leave. I was trying my best to play it cool, but I was insanely nervous. We had a little competition, but I lost big time (couldn't concentrate--I never lose that bad). I told her that we were going to go on a double date with , but that they cancelled on us and we would still go out; that was one of many lies. After we got ready, we went to for drinks, and really had a great time. We had a lot of great conversation; it was just fantastic to be together and have nowhere else to be. Then we headed [cephalexin 500mg pills $267.00] over to . It started raining, but I knew that was coming. I had my rain jacket and my gold umbrella, so we were good. When we got to the restaurant, we were immediately brought to our table. We were placed at the best table in the whole restaurant, right by the front window. One of the first things she acknowledged was the fact that we had the best table, and a beautiful arrangement of flowers on it. After a little while she also asked why we did not get any menus. I successfully played off all these questions, and until the food and wine came without us ordering, I'm pretty sure she didn't think twice about it. At that point she definitely knew something was up; the server brought us our favorite meals; I guess I better tip them well for knowing exactly what we want! At one point between the salad and the main course, Allison went to the restroom. I was lucky to have some time to move the ring from my rain jacket to my pocket (the case was way too big to have in my pocket when we were walking around, it would have looked like I was carrying three cell phones). Also, Ryan and Kayla came to take pictures from outside (out of sight), but when they got there, Allison was not at the table. The waiter also happened to come with the food while she was gone, but he walked around the restaurant once or twice until she returned. When the dessert arrived, it was time for the big moment. The server placed a chocolate soufflé in between us, which had four "Sweethearts" candies placed on top of it that each said "Marry Me. " I had saved them and had Ryan bring them with the flowers. I pushed the plate closer to her so she could read what they said, she processed it for a few seconds, and by the time she looked up at me I was on my knee about to ask her to marry me. She has definitely never been more speechless and excited, but managed to say "Yes" countless times after a few seconds. I put the ring on her finger, which fit perfectly and looked absolutely beautiful. A few minutes later, the server brought us glasses of champagne and strawberries, along with his congratulations. We enjoyed the moment for about a half-hour, and barely touched the dessert. I called Ryan, who was waiting to bring us the car and chauffeur us back to the house. When he opened the door for Allison, the other four bouquets of flowers were arranged around a that my mom made that says And Ryan took us back to the house. The Celebration: When we opened the door to our house, we were greeted with a congratulations from all of my roommates, a bunch of friends, and . We had more champagne and just had a little party to celebrate the event, and took the time to call our families to let them know all about it. The next morning, we drove down to San Diego to celebrate with the family, and my parents even flew down to celebrate with us. We went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for dinner, and just had an with everyone. We took a drive to the Darlington House in La Jolla, where we will be getting married, and took lots of by the beach in La Jolla. All in all, an incredibly fun and memorable weekend.

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