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Where should I go with my career? At this point, I feel like I could take it anywhere, but [bimatoprost 3ml bottle $81.00] if I'm going to get a business going, I need to have some experience under my belt in order for anyone to take me seriously. I plan to get my certification this fall, and it's possible that the will fund it. If they do, they'll want me to stay for awhile, which is fine I guess. This certification will take my networking skills to a whole new level, bump up the pay grade, and give me a leg to stand on when it comes to building a reputation as a capable network engineer. In any case, I want to get a business off the ground more than anything. bimatoprost 3ml bottle $81.00 I contemplate ideas for several hours of every day (requires multitasking at work) and write them down, but nothing has really been good enough to get me going. . . until (hopefully) now. If you're wondering, video production/editing is out. I think I'm capable, but it's just not what I want to do: dealing with quality control and holding onto tapes from a one-time event makes me nervous and is just too much for one person. Additionally bimatoprost 3ml bottle $81.00, the volume of projects that I can take on is directly related to the number of people available to do the work, so the money coming in can max out quickly. Ideal: I want to start an IT consulting company (preferably with a buddy/partner) that specializes in high-end networking (the stuff that the in-house IT folk do not know how to do) and that eventually has online web presence for remotely fixing individual computer issues -- all done while on the golf course (ok not really about the golf, but that'd be way cool). So that's that. Bimatoprost 3ml bottle $81.00 and if you have any ideas for company names, i'm all ears.

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