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A lot has been going on lately. The wedding is at the top of the list, which is now just 2 weeks away . . yikes! Planning for it has been going very well, everything is really coming together. If you want to buy us a present or two for the wedding, you can take a look biaxin 250mg pills $163.00 at our registries over at . In preparation biaxin 250mg pills $163.00, Allison, along with her mom and sisters, have been working endlessly on every detail of the event, and then working whenever she can as an office assistant to her dad. I certainly never knew all the work that goes into one day, it's crazy. On my side, I have been trying to figure out my career pursuits ever since graduation. I am in the preliminary stages of starting my own business in videography and corporate events, while at the same time trying to keep my options open. I am nearly done with a new website and client/billing system for , my slowly growing web hosting business. I'm hoping to push that out before the wedding, but life is very busy. Biaxin 250mg pills $163.00 on top of that, i just got a job at a small bank called 1st pacific bank, based in san diego. It is a part-time (20-30hrs/wk) job in the department of the corporate office in La Jolla. So I definitely have my work cut out [biaxin 250mg pills $163.00] for me. Allison and I also just signed the lease to our new apartment. You can see some pictures of the place , but I'll post better ones in a few days when we start moving in. It's a great 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom place in with all new appliances, clean carpets, and a great living area. Hopefully we can buy a place in the not too distant future, but this is going to be a great place for us to start out. I know I always say this, but I'll try to post updates more often. It always amazes me how many people actually take the time to come to this site.

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