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25th Aug 2008Random,

Viagra report So I’ve decided to move away from the dedicated servers for web hosting. Viagra report They cost too much, viagra report but mainly, viagra report it’s just too difficult to fix issues when they go down, viagra report especially if I own the hardware. Viagra report Had a nasty evening in early August that cost David and I a perfectly good Friday evening.

Viagra report While I’m not abandoning dedicated servers for everything, viagra report I’ve moved all my web hosting accounts over to Slicehost. Viagra report Now I get to manage my own virtual servers (I’m obsessed with Xen and VMware) and I never have to worry about the hardware or the routing, viagra report I can upgrade it at any time in minutes, viagra report and I know I’m on a stable host with guaranteed resources that won’t be shared with other users. Viagra report Data is safe, viagra report backups are automatic, viagra report pricing is reasonable, viagra report what more do you need?

Viagra report So far I have a 512MB slice for my development and a 1GB slice for hosting. Viagra report All I can say so far is…amazing. Viagra report Servers are getting so fast these days and bandwidth is getting so cheap that it’s just not worth it to host your own boxes knowing that you won’t have to deal with the issues at the datacenter.

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