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11th Mar 2008Random

Imitation viagra I’ve decided that there is one thing in the workplace that I really can’t stand. Imitation viagra Meetings. Imitation viagra I’m a big fan of the saying “None of us is as dumb as all of us”. Imitation viagra I can’t even count the number of hours of productivity lost at this place because of meetings, imitation viagra and there have been several occasions where I truly leave one feeling dumber. Imitation viagra A typical meeting goes something like this:

Imitation viagra -We all sit around and talk for awhile about the topic at hand.

Imitation viagra -Someone goes on a long tangent about something totally irrelevant, imitation viagra we get off topic, imitation viagra and lose roughly 30 minutes.

Imitation viagra -Everyone who feels they have something to contribute (or who like the sound of their own voice) gives their opinion.

Imitation viagra -The person running the meeting fiddles with their Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint to illustrate their fundamentally flawed logic.

Imitation viagra -Nothing is ever unanimous in the group, imitation viagra so basically we’re back to square one, imitation viagra with a fun little addition — bitterness between people.

Imitation viagra -We’ll use the totally abused “Moving forward…” statement to act like something is actually going to change.

Imitation viagra -We return to our desks with no official decision made.

Imitation viagra A bit jaded? Maybe…

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  1. A.B. (March 27, 2008, 3:23 pm).

    James, I couldn’t agree with you more. What really makes me crazy is the comment at every meeting “we need to do (such and such)” and then no one volunteers to do “such and such” and no one is assigned to do “such and such” and therefore you have just wasted 60 minutes because nothing is going to get done as a result of the meeting. My only hope for sanity is that I have another appointment which will excuse me from the meeting before I have to blow my brains out to survive the pain of staying the entire time.

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