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17th Mar 2007Random

Ridiculous, I haven’t actually posted anything substantial in over 7 months. Man, Bensie is dying a slow death.

I think it’s time for an update, what about you? The biggest and best news? I’m married now to Mrs. Allison Whitney Miller. Allison and I are having an absolute blast as young marrieds. We went to Maui, Hawaii for our honeymoon, and it was undoubtedly the best vacation ever. Pictures are here (and censored, of course) if you are interested.

Now we’re getting into “real life” working our day to day jobs and going to bed early. I am still working part-time at 1st Pacific Bank, while also trying to get a business or two off the ground. Allison is working for her dad at his law office, and is back to school for her teaching credentials. She is tackling a 7-month intensive credential program that will allow her to get a teaching job in the fall. She’s doing her student teaching now while also going to class in the afternoon/evening. It’s a crazy schedule.

My video production/editing business is going pretty well, I’ve been getting gigs here and there, going crazy with the Cholestech National Sales Meeting videos right now and getting a few other small jobs every month. And by all means, if you know any companies/individuals that need some small productions, send ‘em my way!

Still trying to come up with a concept for a web application to write that will eventually take over the world (life-time goal). A few ideas here and there, but it has a few conditions: 1) It must be as fast, successful, and useful as Facebook and 2) I need to be able to retire off it. Ok, so I’m unrealistic, but hey, I can dream.

I should really write more often.

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