First Day of School

22nd Sep 2005Random

Some people completely dread going back to school, but I really have no problem with it. Even though I walked outside to find that I had a flat tire on my bike this morning, once I made it to campus, I picked up the school paper and read the article titled “Welcome Back to Your Nine-Month Vacation.” Let’s face it; college is sweet. It’s back to the late nights of lazily hanging out, frisbee golf, Woodstocks, and the occasional paper to write a few hours before it’s due. Getting a job is overrated, since it would take away from time well-spent sitting around talking about what to do. Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit (or am I speaking the absolute truth?), but it’s good to be back.

Class Schedule for Fall, 2005 (18 Units):
Global Studies 123 – International Political Economy
Global Studies 124 – Global Conflict
Spanish 5
ESS 5A – First Aid & CPR
ESS 51 – Excercise Sports & Science

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