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12th Jul 2005Random

Cialis en mexico So the initial plan for the summer was to take summer school throughout the entire summer and to stay in Santa Barbara. Cialis en mexico Well things didn’t exactly turn out that way. Cialis en mexico It turns out that Allison’s family moved two weeks ago, cialis en mexico so I came down to help with that and to spend time with Allison. Cialis en mexico You’d think I moved in. Cialis en mexico They have a fantastic apartment above the garage with a bed, cialis en mexico bathroom, cialis en mexico kitchen, cialis en mexico and TV in it — what more could you ask for? So I’ve been hangin’ out around here for the last few weeks just enjoying my summer, cialis en mexico and working around the house here and there.

Cialis en mexico Next week, cialis en mexico I am going to be doing some traveling to film interviews for Cholestech, cialis en mexico so that’s where my summer job comes into play. Cialis en mexico I do start second session of summer school on August 1 though; life’s not all fun and games.

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  1. Your Roommate (July 14, 2005, 9:12 am).

    Um, i think we go to college together, but i am not sure, it has been awhile. I thought we lived together at one point, but i might be mistaken. uh, my name is ryan, and we go to college together…in santa barbara. just kidding. let me know when you are coming back up to sb and we will throw a welcome back party for you. just kidding about that too. anyway, augustana is played on kroq on the radio. isn’t that exciting. alright. later

  2. Mildred Miller (July 15, 2005, 12:02 am).

    We love your new website. Keep up the good work.
    Had a great time when Dad and Mom were here, but it was over too fast. Will probably see them again if they come out in Oct. We got to go to Nellie’s place and the Goffle Grill.
    G & G

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